Pevco TEC-6™ Trackable Ergonomic Carrier
Thirty Plus Years of Healthcare Experience Built-in

When you have been in the pneumatic tube business for as long as we have, you know a good thing when you see it. The Pevco TEC-6 carrier is a good thing and it's exclusively for healthcare.

The Pevco TEC-6 carrier is engineered to be easier to hold, fill, close and send. Contoured ends and conveniently placed hand-holds allow healthcare staff to maneuver the carrier with ease. Red/Green latch status indicators ensure that the carrier is closed correctly.

TEC-6 includes integrated barcodes to enable tracking of every delivery. When combined with Pevco Link™, transaction data and arrival confirmation for any carrier sent is stored in a database and available to authorized staff—all in real-time.

Pevco's TEC-6 carrier is constructed from BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester which is known for its super-durability, lasting clarity, and scratch resistance. Combined with long-wearing Nylon glide bands, tough stainless steel hinges, end-caps developed to absorb landing impact, and Pevco's patented leak resistant seal, the TEC-6 is built to stand-up to the most demanding 24/7 hospital environment.


  • Easy to Open and Close
  • Comfortable to Grip
  • Integrated Barcodes
  • High Performance Glide Bands
  • Durable Construction

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