Pevco’s Proven Technology Increases Capabilities

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Pevco Converts Swisslog Translogic System

Wilkes-Barre General Hospital is a thriving 512-bed healthcare facility located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. With nine stories under one roof and a 750,000 square foot main building, fast and reliable transport of pharmaceuticals, blood products, tissue, urine and sputum is critical to patient care and to the hospital’s bottom line.

Specimens and drugs are transported through almost a mile of pneumatic tubing routed from the emergency room, operating rooms and intensive care unit to the hospital laboratory—and from the hospital pharmacy to nursing stations and urgent care areas.

When the hospital’s existing computerized pneumatic tube transport system needed expansion, the hospital administrators naturally thought that the system’s maker was the logical choice. That was before they talked to Pevco.

Pevco’s proven technology combined with its world-class customer support offered an opportunity to measurably increase their systems capabilities for a competitive price.

Expanding and advancing the system

Pevco explained that it could convert any maker’s computerized tube system, and that with a Pevco conversion the hospital would no longer be dependent on expensive proprietary parts. Along with this money-saver, Pevco’s intelligent and durable system would mean increased delivery speeds and carrier throughput.

Pevco got the job and, shortly thereafter, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital had one of the fastest, most dependable advanced pneumatic tube transport systems in the world.

The hospital’s 21-station system was updated to Pevco Smart Control™ technology, two new Pevco Delivery Stations were added, and the industry’s fastest empty carrier retrieval system, Pevco Carrier Management System, was implemented.

“That’s how we set ourselves apart,” says Bruce Sherman, Pevco account executive. “We are more technologically advanced than the competition—and we’re price-competitive as well.”

Healthcare professionals appreciate Pevco’s ease of use

Users at Wilkes-Barre General agree that the Pevco conversion is a tremendous success. They also agree that Pevco’s Smart Control™ technology, along with Pevco’s Carrier Management System, have dramatically improved hospital operations, especially during peak usage.

Mary in the hospital’s outpatient interchange says, “The Pevco Delivery Station Control Panel is working a lot better than the Translogic IQ panel it replaced. It’s more reliable, and it saves us time since we don’t have to call other stations to get empty carriers.” Outpatient interchange uses the empty carrier request system all the time, says Mary, and “the longest it takes to receive an empty carrier is about 40 seconds.”

Chris in the hospital’s specimen processing lab says she operates a very active transport station that receives all of the hospital’s specimens and automatically returns empty carriers to storage. “The empty carriers move out of the station much more quickly than before and the number of empty carrier requests by telephone has decreased.”

Pat in the hospital’s emergency room says ER nurses only have to request an empty carrier with Pevco’s “call” button before receiving one within 20 seconds. “The new Pevco system is more reliable and gives us more information,” she says.

Arlene in the hospital’s pharmacy also says that she depends on the efficiency of the new empty carrier request and that “the Pevco system is much faster than the Translogic system it replaced. It saves us time.”

Pevco is committed to enhancing hospital material delivery

Pevco has a long history of technology innovation and a reputation for outstanding customer service. It’s not at all unusual for Fred Valerino, Sr., founder of the company, to personally call on clients to see if their pneumatic tube delivery system is living up to Pevco’s good name.

That’s one of the things that impressed Rick McCarty, supervisor of hospital engineering, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. “Fred Sr. got involved. We worked with Pevco and they worked with us—and now we have a system that works great.”