Pevco Tracking Patent Upheld After Challenge

carrier, pneumatic tube system, air tube, Pevco, pneumatic tubeDecision means Pevco is sole manufacturer that offers a patented method of tracking medical items delivered by a pneumatic tube system

Baltimore, MD (July 18, 2013) –Pevco, a U.S. manufacturer focused exclusively on pneumatic tube systems for hospitals, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has upheld Pevco’s U.S. Patent 8,116,906, which addresses the technologies and methods of tracking medical items as they move through a pneumatic tube system.

The patent had been challenged by a competitor, Denver-based Swisslog Healthcare Solutions North America.

A carrier is a reusable plastic container that holds and protects pharmaceuticals, blood components and lab specimens sent through a pneumatic tube system. As a result of the agency’s decision, Pevco is the only provider of pneumatic tube systems that offers a patented method of tracking individual items within a protective carrier.

The ability to track specific carrier contents is important for increasing patient safety. Millions of times each day in hospitals across North America, patient-critical items are transported in pneumatic tube systems. Many of these items are extremely valuable. They are difficult to replace, expensive or both. If an item were to become lost in transit, patient care could be adversely affected.

This decision gives patent protection to Pevco’s method of using various identification technologies such as barcodes or RFID to track and document specific items delivered by its pneumatic tube system. With this innovation, medical professionals can be confident that the blood components, high-value pharmaceuticals and difficult-to-replace lab specimens they send through a pneumatic tube system are delivered quickly, safely and accurately.

“For more than 30 years, we’ve been committed to understanding the needs of our customers and developing technological solutions to their challenges,” said Pevco President Fred Valerino, Jr. “Our innovative approach to tracking carrier contents is an example of that commitment. We are pleased the Patent and Trademark Office has upheld our patent, protecting this customer-driven healthcare solution.”

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Steve Dahl
Director, Product Development & Marketing