Pevco Tracker™ Offers Accountability and Transparency in Healthcare Pneumatic Tube Systems

Baltimore, MD (December 10, 2008) – Pevco, a leading provider of pneumatic tube delivery systems for hospitals, recently launched the Pevco Tracker™, an innovative tracking system that adds accountability and transparency to pneumatic tube system transactions while providing timely, critical delivery information to healthcare staff.

Pevco Tracker™  uses a barcode reader equipped PDA which gives front-line hospital professionals the ability to capture real-time send and receive data from pneumatic tube transactions ensuring high-value medications, specimens and blood products travel successfully and securely within the pneumatic tube system.  If a transaction is delayed, Pevco Tracker™ sends an alert to the person who initiated the transaction so they have time to react.  The Pevco Tracker™ documents each transaction – every step of the way – creating a closed-loop audit trail which greatly reduce the possibility of costly patient care delays.

Barcode technology has been used system-wide within U.S. hospitals since the mid-1990s and is the cornerstone of materials tracking.  The Pevco Tracker™ uses the prevalence of this existing technology to empower front-line hospital professionals to track pneumatic tube deliveries from the minute sent until received.  In the fast paced, dynamic environment of pharmacies, blood banks, labs and patient care areas, The Pevco Tracker™ supports and complements proven technology.

“We developed Pevco Tracker™ to fulfill customer requests for transparency and accountability in pneumatic tube system deliveries. Users wanted, and needed, to know the specifics – the ‘who, what, where and when’ of pneumatic tube system transactions.” said Steve Dahl Pevco’s Director of Product Management.  “With the Pevco Tracker™, hospital professionals can monitor the delivery of patient-critical materials and receive real-time confirmation when the delivery is complete.”

Healthcare staff use a Pevco Tracker™ PDA with a built-in 2-D barcode reader to scan each element of a pneumatic tube transaction – a barcode on their badge, on the carrier, on the contents, and on the sending and receiving stations.  Combined with optical tracking data from the pneumatic tube infrastructure the scanned data is transmitted over a hospital’s wireless network to the Pevco Control Center where it is stored in a SQL database.  Staff can instantly find details on critical transactions via the touch screen PDA. More detailed transaction reports can be managed from a password protected network web site.

The Pevco Tracker™ is flexible and easy to implement.  Pevco Tracker PDAs can be added to as few, or as many, pneumatic tube stations as a facility needs and it requires little or no downtime to incorporate into daily operation.

About Pevco
Pevco designs, manufactures, installs and supports hospital pneumatic tube delivery systems that enable healthcare professionals to quickly, safely and reliably transport patient-critical materials between labs, pharmacies, blood banks, ORs, ERs and nurses’ stations.

Used by more than 600 leading healthcare facilities, Pevco’s flexible, intelligent products consistently reduce hospital operating costs and are compatible with all competing pneumatic tube systems.

Pevco is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, with support staff positioned throughout the United States. To learn more about Pevco’s healthcare materials delivery solutions, visit our web site at

Steve Dahl