Pevco to Provide Smart Path System for Shands’ New Cancer Hospital

Baltimore, MD – Pevco, a leading provider of pneumatic tube delivery systems for hospitals, announced that it has partnered with Shands HealthCare of Gainesville, Fla., to provide several state-of-the-art, multizone delivery systems for a new cancer hospital.

The Shands at the University of Florida Cancer Hospital is a $388 million, 500,000 square-foot facility that will house 192 private inpatient beds. The hospital will treat patients receiving diagnostic and therapeutic oncology services, and will also include a Critical Care Center for emergency- and trauma-related services. Construction began in January 2007 and will be completed in 2009.

A particular challenge Shands faces is to connect the new cancer hospital to the existing facility on the other side of a multilane highway, Archer Road. Pevco has designed a 29-station, 3-zone Smart Path system for the cancer hospital and a separate 4-zone Smart Path for the transfer of carriers to and from the main university facility. The transfer lines—each approximately 1,500 feet long—will run from the 9th floor of the cancer hospital, through a tunnel under Archer Road and up to the 8th floor of the main facility. The existing hospital’s current 5-zone, 52-station Pevco system will be upgraded to a Smart Path to interface seamlessly with the new cancer hospital.

Since some services, including the blood bank, will be relocated to the new facility, transporting patient-critical transactions between buildings is crucial. According to Tim Dyar, Pevco account executive, “The hospital needed the most efficient means possible to move critical payloads over long distances. The Pevco Smart Path was selected. Its automatic redundancy, efficient carrier handling and reduced station wait times make the Pevco Smart Path the obvious choice.” Pevco’s patented Smart Path technology ensures that carriers always travel the shortest, fastest route within a system. Hospitals report that Smart Path can increase transactions by as much as 30% and cut wait times by up to two-thirds.

Shands’ Koven Smith, hospital engineer for core services, speaks to another advantage of the Smart Path system: “Probably even more beneficial is that loss of one blower does not shut down a part of the system …We have needed to take down blowers for maintenance or to make a change to part of the system. It has an impact.” With Smart Path, any blower can handle any transaction throughout the system, virtually eliminating downtime.

In addition to its other benefits, Smart Path’s flexibility also allows for future system expansions.

About Pevco
Pevco designs, manufactures, installs and supports hospital pneumatic tube delivery systems that enable healthcare professionals to quickly, safely and reliably transport patient-critical materials between labs, pharmacies, blood banks, ORs, ERs and nurses’ stations.

Used by more than 600 leading healthcare facilities, Pevco’s flexible, intelligent products consistently reduce hospital operating costs and are compatible with all competing pneumatic tube systems.

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Steve Dahl