Pevco Smart Path™ Delivers Improved Performance

Nashville, TN

Premiere University Medical Center Upgrades with Pevco

Pevco Smart Path™ was installed in Nashville, Tennessee’s new Children’s Hospital and connected to the university’s blood bank and laboratories 1,800 feet away. A few months later as planned, Smart Path™ was used to upgrade and interconnect all of the medical center’s pre-existing system—without ever replacing a single station or mechanical component.

“We chose Pevco for the job because we had confidence in them,” says Larry Tidwell, the medical center’s foreman of special trades. “They also had a plan that didn’t involve reinventing the wheel. The other vendors wanted to replace everything, short of the tubing itself.”

“We’ve been really pleased with Pevco. They’ve been honest in all our dealings. They’ve met all our needs. And it’s been a pleasure to work with them. Smart Path™ has more than proven itself. The upgrade was scheduled to take five weeks, but Pevco finished ahead of schedule. It went very well. I’ve been dealing with tube systems for 25 years,” Mr. Tidwell says, “and in that amount of time, you get a feel for it and for who can do the job.”

5,000 deliveries per day among 200 stations, 6 miles of tubing connecting 7 buildings

Blood and blood products, pharmaceuticals, tissue samples and lab reports are transported between more than 200 stations—using 4” and 6” carriers that travel within 6 miles of tubing interconnecting 7 medical buildings on the campus.

The carriers—over 150,000 per month—move long distances nearly nonstop at 25 feet per second. Because of Smart Path’s configuration and technology, if all but one of the system blowers were shut down for preventative maintenance the carriers would continue to move at high speed and the system would continue to operate 24/7.

According to Mr. Tidwell, “Visitors are amazed at how quickly our materials leave the stations and how quickly they are received … 98% of our carriers are lifted from their dispatch stations in 30 to 60 seconds—most in less than 30 seconds. We know for a fact the pneumatic tube delivery system saves the medical center over $2 million a year,” he says. “We are totally dependent on it financially as well as on having it deliver our materials. If we were to shut down the system, it would take over 100 people to replace it.”

High performance, proven reliability

“The challenge,” says Pevco chairman Fred Valerino, Sr., “was to take the medical center’s existing system and update it with the best technical solution. Only Pevco’s Smart Path™ could meet that challenge.”

Although designed for use in larger systems, the Smart Path delivers measurable value in systems with as few as 20 to 30 stations.

“Using the existing stations, tubes and carriers in a typical hospital’s system, our computer simulations are showing that the Smart Path provides capacity for 30% more carrier traffic in less throughput time,” says Mr. Valerino.

“Smart Path’s new interchange technology has revolutionized the very nature of hospital pneumatic tube systems,” says Mr. Valerino. “We now look at the capabilities of a system from a new perspective.”