Pevco Pneumatic Tube System’s Ability to Track Barcode-Labeled Pharmaceuticals Can Extend Protections Sought in New Drug Quality and Security Act

With Pevco Link’s integrated barcode reader, track-and-trace security continues from hospital pharmacy to patient floor

Baltimore, MD (December 26, 2013) – Pevco, a U.S. manufacturer focused exclusively on pneumatic tube systems for hospitals, announced that Pevco Link™, the company’s technology for tracking medical items sent through its tube system, can extend the track-and-trace protections of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) new Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA).

The new act, which was signed into law by President Obama last month, authorizes the FDA to develop a national track-and-trace system to help protect the public from counterfeit, stolen or otherwise harmful drugs as they move from manufacturer to distributor to dispenser. The law will require the phased implementation of standardized numerical identifiers on a 2D data matrix barcode for all pharmaceuticals.  Pevco Link, with its integrated barcode reader, can extend this protection by tracking authentic drugs from the hospital pharmacy (the dispenser) to nursing stations on patient floors.

Pevco Link is a tablet-like touch control for pneumatic tube system stations. Pevco Link’s barcode reader lets users accurately track any barcode-labeled medical item and the carriers that transport and protect them. It provides intuitive functions, a bright color display, a built-in directory of station addresses, and easy-to-access transaction data. With Pevco Link, pharmacy technicians, nurses and other users can securely send pharmaceuticals, specimens and blood products through the tube system with the touch of a button.

“The DQSA is intended to protect the drug supply chain to the point of dispense, but it doesn’t have to end there,” said Steve Dahl, Pevco’s director of product development and marketing. “With Pevco Link, we have the technology to extend that protection. By helping to eliminate incorrect dosing at the patient level, we can offer our hospital clients a measure of drug security beyond what is called for in the DQSA.”

About Pevco

Pevco designs, manufactures, installs and supports hospital pneumatic tube systems that enable healthcare professionals to quickly, safely and reliably transport patient-critical materials between labs, pharmacies, blood banks, ORs, EDs and nursing stations.

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Tara Cellinese
Marketing Communications Manager