Pevco Offers Pneumatic Tube Delivery System Products through Attainia

Baltimore, MD (August 30, 2012) – Pevco, a leading provider of pneumatic tube delivery systems to the healthcare industry, is pleased to announce its partnership with Attainia, an industry-leading online marketplace for capital equipment. As part of the agreement, all of Pevco’s healthcare pneumatic tube delivery system products will be available through Attainia’s website.

“When suppliers, architects and facilities work collaboratively at the initial stages of a capital project, the entire project is more successful. Our relationship with Attainia will allow technical documentation, system configurations, pricing and contract information about our pneumatic tube delivery solutions to be placed into the hands of key decision-makers at healthcare facilities,” explained Bill Powder, National Sales Manager at Pevco.

Participating equipment suppliers catalog their offerings within Attainia’s integrated toolset so that their products can be specified early in the planning process. Attainia’s online equipment planning, budgeting and tracking system is used by medical equipment planners, major hospital purchasing groups, integrated delivery networks and individual healthcare facilities across the globe.

Pevco listed its major products—including Pevco Smart Path™, an advanced carrier routing system and Pevco TEC-6™, a trackable ergonomic carrier—along with pneumatic tube system components such as diverters, blowers, stations and system controls.

About Pevco
Pevco designs, manufactures, installs and supports hospital pneumatic tube delivery systems that enable healthcare professionals to quickly, safely and reliably transport patient-critical materials between labs, pharmacies, blood banks, ORs, EDs and nurses’ stations. Used by more than 600 leading healthcare facilities, Pevco’s flexible, intelligent products consistently reduce hospital operating costs and are compatible with all competing pneumatic tube systems. Pevco is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, with support staff positioned throughout the United States. To learn more about Pevco’s healthcare materials delivery solutions, visit our web site at

About Attainia
Founded in 2001, Attainia, Inc. is the world’s most widely used equipment planning, budgeting and tracking system for healthcare equipment. Customers include some of the largest healthcare capital equipment firms, as well as hospital purchasing groups, integrated delivery networks and individual hospitals. For more information, visit

Steve Dahl