Pevco Nears Completion of New Headquarters and Training Facility

Baltimore, MD – Pevco, a leading provider of pneumatic tube delivery systems for hospitals, is nearing completion of a new, state-of-the-art building that will house the company’s headquarters, R&D center and training facilities. The new building is slated to open in May 2008.

The new headquarters is designed to better serve Pevco’s hospital customers, both on-site and remotely. Significant improvements to the facility include enhanced areas for research and development and customer support, and an upgraded demonstration center for customers. The 41,184 square-foot building will also house engineering, manufacturing and administrative offices.

The new space will feature an expanded and improved customer support center. This will allow help desk technicians to more easily exchange information so as to better serve Pevco customers around the country and around the clock.

Pevco’s new state-of-the-art training facility will include more hands-on work stations for customers to try out the equipment. A fully operational, three-zone Smart Path system will enable prospective customers to observe firsthand how Pevco’s patented Smart Path technology reduces delivery times, increases transaction capacity and cuts costs. Smart Path ensures that carriers always travel the shortest, fastest route within a system by allowing any blower to handle any transaction. Hospitals report that Smart Path can increase transactions by as much as 30% and cut wait times by up to two-thirds.

Pevco’s new headquarters and training facility is conveniently located off I 95, easily accessible from Baltimore-Washington International airport.

About Pevco
Pevco designs, manufactures, installs and supports hospital pneumatic tube delivery systems that enable healthcare professionals to quickly, safely and reliably transport patient-critical materials between labs, pharmacies, blood banks, ORs, ERs and nurses’ stations.

Used by more than 600 leading healthcare facilities, Pevco’s flexible, intelligent products consistently reduce hospital operating costs and are compatible with all competing pneumatic tube systems.

Pevco is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, with support staff positioned throughout the United States. To learn more about Pevco’s healthcare materials delivery solutions, visit our web site at

Steve Dahl