Pevco Awarded Patent for New TEC-6™ Carrier

Carrier’s sophisticated ergonomic design and first-of-its-kind integrated barcode tracking granted patent protection.

Baltimore, MD (October 17, 2012) – Pevco, a U.S. manufacturer focused exclusively on pneumatic tube systems (PTS) for hospitals, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent number 8,267,622 B1 for the ergonomic design, hinge and latch assembly and integrated barcode tracking of its new TEC-6™ carrier.

TEC-6 (Trackable Ergonomic Carrier for 6-inch diameter pneumatic tube systems) is a reusable container molded from Eastman Tritan™ copolyester that holds and protects patient-critical medical items sent through a PTS. TEC-6 is compatible with any manufacturer’s 6-inch PTS, not just those made by Pevco.

The patent, Carrier Apparatus for Pneumatic Tube Delivery System, protects Pevco’s ergonomic design, which incorporates well-placed, comfortable hand-holds and contoured ends so hospital staff can handle and load carriers more efficiently.

Also protected by the patent are industry-first red/green latch status indicators that help guarantee the carrier is closed properly, as well as integrated barcode labels for tracking.

“For decades, our research and development efforts have been guided by one overriding principle: to design and build pneumatic tube systems and accessories that improve the efficiency of our hospital clients,” Pevco President Fred Valerino, Jr. said. “As such, we are pleased the U.S. Patent Office has granted patent protection to our new TEC-6 carrier. It is truly unlike any other PTS carrier on the market today. With its innovative contoured ends—which make handling the TEC-6 much easier than traditional capsule-like designs—to its integrated barcodes for streamlined tracking, the TEC-6 will immediately increase the efficiency of the nurses, lab technicians and pharmacy personnel who use it every day.”

Other features and benefits of TEC-6 include:

  • Long-wearing nylon glide bands that ensure smooth travel
  • BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester construction, which provides super-durability, lasting clarity and scratch resistance
  • High-density polyethylene end-caps that absorb landing impact, making carrier arrival quieter and extending the life of the carrier
  • Availability in four color combinations – clear/blue, clear/red, clear/green, clear/black – for department-specific usage

About Pevco
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Steve Dahl
Director, Product Management & Marketing